What is a cooperative?

According to the Law on Cooperatives ( “Official. Gazette of the Republic of Macedonia” no. 54/02 from 4.07.2002 years), the cooperative is an association of persons or entities in order to promote or protect a certain number of clearly defined economic interests in all activities except for activities in banking and insurance and the activities for which the law prohibits the establishment of co-operative.

Cooperatives can establish at least three natural or legal persons.

The cooperative can be established as a cooperative with unlimited liability of members or co-operative Limited Articles:
– In cooperatives with unlimited liability, cooperative liable for its obligations with all its assets, and in case of bankruptcy of the cooperative, its members subsidiary liable for the obligations of the cooperative, and their liability is unlimited and joint and

– In cooperatives with limited liability cooperative liable for its obligations with all its assets. The statute of the cooperative limited liability may provide that in the event of liquidation or bankruptcy of the cooperative, members will be subsidiary and severally liable to pay any additional amount that would normally be expressed as a multiple amount of the value of their stakes in the company.

IMG_8305 Generally, cooperatives are associations that are managed and owned by members of the cooperative. Our union, like all other communities in the world, operates under seven principles that help us not forget who we are, what we want to do and how we agreed to do it.

1. Voluntary and open membership – Cooperatives are open to all people who want to use the services offered by the cooperative and willing to accept the responsibilities of membership.

2. Democratic governance – Cooperatives are democratic organizations where management is based on the principle of one member – one vote.

3. Financial participation of members – each member of the cooperative accounts for an annual fee.


4.Avtonomija and Independence – Cooperatives are autonomous, self-help associations managed by its members and if they enter into agreements with other organizations, including governments, doing so under conditions which will ensure democratic control of their members and retention the autonomy of the cooperative.

5. Education, training and information – in addition to economic activities, Cooperatives provide education and training for their members so that members could effectively contribute to the development of the cooperative in the future. Cooperatives inform the public about the nature and benefits of the cooperative movement.

6. Cooperation among Cooperatives – Cooperatives cooperate at local, regional, national and international level to achieve common goals and to promote the cooperative movement.

7. Care for the community – cooperatives work on sustainable development of their area.

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